The role of the Finance Council at St. Joseph Catholic Church is to assist and advise the Pastor in overseeing and controlling the financial affairs of the parish. The relationship between the Pastor and the Finance Council members is one that is advisory, supportive and collaborative. The Pastor consults with the Finance Council over matters related to the temporal goods of the Parish.


Members: Paul Helten (Chair), Amanda Coleman, Roland Elpers, Dan May, and Betty Seiwert

Acting in an advisory capacity to the Pastor the St. Joseph Stewardship Council provides advice and direction in Stewardship life of the parish. The members of the Stewardship Council are responsible for listening and representing the wisdom and many perspectives present in the Parish community. The Stewardship Council is also responsible for promoting the Stewardship Way of Life in all aspects of the Parish community. They are responsible for annual Stewardship renewal, promoting the ministries within the Parish.

Members: Wanda Day (Chair), Diana Helten, James Helten, Liz Helten, and Steve Hilger

Parish Council-The Pastoral Council consists of the Pastor, 6 appointed members, ex-office members are: President of the Holy Name Society, President of the Altar Society, Chair of the Finance Council, Chair of the stewardship Council, Chair of School Council.

Members: John Bergkamp (Chair), Wanda Day, Jane Gorges, Diana Helten, Tim Helten, Jason Seiwert, Ken Seiwert, Janet Simon, and Steve Zoglman